Spring Awakened | Yellowknife Fine Art Photography

The beauty of Yellowknife is found in its rolling hills; painted with a warm cinnamon hued brush and evergreen trees perched atop monolithic rock formations. Upon moving to Yellowknife I joked about the constant state of white, how I had become color-blind in the constant winter slumber. As the sun melted away the blankets of snow I saw the true character of the landscape and I was instantly inspired. 

Sadetlo is a beautiful Yellowknife model; and when I asked her to join me on an impromptu photo shoot capitalizing on the beauty of nature she was excited to play with the vision I had. Nature and the human form combine in this series of images, influenced by the setting sun and moody clouds, this session centered on the Awakening of Spring shows the initial thaw of a cold world coming back to life.

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