Maternity Photography

Whether this is your first, your last, your rainbow or your miracle you will want to remember the curve of that beautiful bump, even if its just for your eyes only. I am a plus sized woman and I know how insecurities can pop up and try to disqualify us from showcasing our bumps, but I promise you that all that will melt away when you are photographed by another woman who see's you in your goddess form.

Newborn Photography

This session is important because, as a new mom myself, I know how fast your newborn can grow! I will provide you with keepsake photographs of their smallest of features, the intimate act of breastfeeding, making sure that all the thought and detail you put into their nursery is showcased framing you and your little one rocking back and forth in the low lit room.

The Real Deal

This is an intimate at home session where you can go about your favorite routine with your new baby while capturing the real and sometimes raw side of parenthood. These are the photo's you will never regret taking because they are the ones that you live everyday and never get documented.