Ashley Young | Chilliwack Portrait Photography

Art forms come in all shapes and sizes. Much like an athlete, a photographer has to be technically precise in all their movements to capture the exact shot. I’m not saying Ashley’s great display of athleticism is shadowed in my ability to take an image. But we are constantly working off each other.

“Move this way” I say as I also move lower to feature the height of the leap. We tell each other what we want, and we metaphorically “dance” around each other, so that the finished product is the exact vision we imagined.

Ashley Young is a trained dancer that has done many dance shoots, but all of them had a glamour base to them, she was type cast by the very profession she is in, so when I came in and asked her to be athletic, to be precise, to tone down her make-up and hair so that it would be her dancing that would provoke her beauty, she was excited. For once someone wanted her to dance and not be a “dancer”.

This Image is a personal favourite of mine, where neither the model or photographer charge each other for the session, it is specifically for the love of the art. And when you have someone who loves to take pictures and someone who loves to dance, what can you expect but creativity to develop.

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