Adrian & Michelle | Chilliwack Wedding Photography

You know how you know someone through a friend of a friend… well Michelle is a friend of some of the nicest friends I know.

When I sat down with Michelle she told me all about her and Adrian’s love story. She met him online and went for a simple date, a date that ended up lasting all day long. You know that feeling when there is an instant connection? I could relate to Michelle instantly after I knew their story, and I couldn’t wait to photograph their next chapter.

When we scheduled their session I took no notice at what day it would fall upon, and when I looked at the date a second time we had a good laugh, we weren’t worried about the weather just the apocalypse. Luckily for all of us, we survived. The session was so full of love that I quite instantly fell in love with them myself, the two shone together. I simply cannot wait to shoot their wedding this February, MY FIRST 2013 bride!

Merry Christmas Adrian & Michelle

^ I got to test out my second shooter’s FISH EYE!!! I stick to primes and zooms, but have yet to buy a fish eye. Im thankful for Dave and his trusty little fish eye, it was definitely fun to play with.

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