A love letter to Yellowknife | Yellowknife Landscape Photography

Have you ever been so in love, and had to say goodbye? 

In January of 2014 I was a newly wed making the long move North from the West coast of BC to the frigid NWT. I had visited before during the winter months so I was emotionally prepared for the drop in temperature, what I wasn’t prepared for was the isolation I would feel being so far from my friends and family. With interesting jobs that never panned out I found a silver lining in each situation. I made sincere friendships with my coworkers. From Joel and Samantha (Saturday nights ordering takeout and playing games or watching cult classics or amine) to Paul and Nigit Stil (Our super mellow hangouts and inspired photoshoots) to the most random group of pop culture nerds and karaoke power houses, you know who you are.  I was introduced to such an amazing circle of friends! 

It wasn’t just the close friendships I made, but the incredible uniqueness of the city of Yellowknife and it’s amazing residents and causal traveler passing through. Each time I ventured from my doors I found new reasons to fall in love with this place. 

I felt the comraderee of the arts community I was involved in. I have never come across a group of creative people so eager to pass on knowledge and lend a hand to another photographer as I did in Yellowknife.

Getting involved with Folk on the Rocks last year was the highlight of my summer. Photographing the events, musicians, and festival goers put me in the heat of the essence of what Yellowknife is to all those who find home here, it is family! Everyone is individual and unique, but together we weaved a diverse tapestry of beauty. 

Having to move away last fall grieved my heart, I still long to be living in a place that saw me as I see myself, that grieved when I left too, I remember Nigit Stil clinging to me sniffling into my shoulder as she hugged me goodbye, I don’t think I have ever had such an emotional move as I did when we left. I left a piece of my heart North of 60.

Needless to say, I am over the moon about visiting this July from July 13th to 22nd. I am coming home, I can’t wait to see you!

The photography below was taken by me on my last Helicopter ride at GSH, I hope you enjoy the view from above!

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