Johan & Kailie | Chilliwack Wedding Photography

Johan and Kailie were married this past July, on a warm summer day. Two friends deeply in love with one another tying the knot surrounded by friends and family up at Camp Charis. 

I was blessed to be asked to do their wedding, and loved every vintage detail; old books, hydrangeas, and lace. The simple sweetness of tradition mingled with the overwhelming sense of family in the air made this day one to remember.

↓  Kailie honored her grandfather by sewing his cufflinks onto her bouquet.  

↓  A fun planned shot that we took on a bridesmaid’s phone to text to Johan before the ceremony.

↑   He absolutely loved it! 

↓  AND then he saw her walk down the aisle, and his expression made me teary eyed as well!

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  1. WOW! Your pictures are amazing, Stephanie. Johan & Kailie – the love you share is so evident in your lives and these pictures are a true memory of the beginning of a marriage blessed by God Almighty. Love you two. Lord bless you, man and woman of God!

  2. such a gorgious looking couple and such beautifu photos in a amazingly beautiful outdoor setting! says:

    how very beautiful-love outdoor wedding pics and such a gorgious looking couple…..

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