Stanley Cup Photos | Heroes Hockey Challenge 2013

Hi Everyone!

Our professional portraits with the Stanley Cup are now online.  If you were handed a card with a number on it, you can see the gallery by clicking here.  

To find your photo quickly, you can use the search tool, and enter your numbers there.  

To share the image with your friends online via Facebook use the share buttons at the top left of the image.  

To download a copy of the image without a watermark for printing, click the Add to Cart button above your image.  

There is a $10 digital download fee which allows you to print the image and share it for personal use.  The download image will make a nice 4×6″ print, if you require a larger size, please contact us!

Also, if you would like to purchase multiple photos, please use HHC2013_BD discount code for 25% off each additional shot!

Stay tuned for shots from the Gala Dinner and Hockey Game as well!

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