Oh the Places You Will Go | Philippine Editorial Photography

I belong to a lineage.

My grandparents were missionaries in Asia for decades, My parents carry their vision today. Though I may not move abroad to carry on the ministry I support the vision through my own gifting, Photography. 

Last April, with the fundraising from local businesses and lifelong friends I went to Davao (Mindanao, Philippines) to do probono photography for my parents ministry: Biosand Water Filter {BSF} and Cross Culture Ministries. It was my immense privilege to provide them with photography and videography for their ministry websites.


I also joined up with Haven of Hope Orphanage and Peace be with You Ministries to do both Videography and Photography. I was submersed in places and meeting people I will only ever meet once this side of heaven. I walked the streets of poverty and saw sadness that breaks your heart, but I also saw the pure joy that one person can have despite having nothing. My camera found so many moments, but as you will quickly tell the children of the Philippines stole my heart and make up the majority of my images. I deeply feel that the innocence and purity of a child draws you in and inspires you to make a difference for their generation and countless to follow.

 I am planning to go again this summer to help provide multiple ministries with photography/videography that will be vital in sharing their ministries. I am in need of sponsors for this trip and if you would like to be apart of this ministry your contribution can be made out to Cross Culture Ministries and receive a tax deductible receipt.

Now with no further adieu, just a taste of some of my favorite pictures of the 2012 trip.

Much love, Stephanie

Due to copyright please do not use these images for advertisement for your own use, but please contact me about such things if you are interested in using them.

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