The Mader’s | Chilliwack Family Photography

I have known the Mader’s, well, since before I can remember. My parents sang “I swear” by All for One at their wedding. And their son Geoff married my cousin Brittany, who was more like a sister than a cousin because we grew up across the park from each other and are only a month apart in age.

The Mader’s hold an important place in the history of my photography. When I came home from Ireland 7 years ago I embarked on becoming a full fledged photographer. My very first paid session was the Mader’s, I remember they were so patient with me and they hung their family portrait in the Front room of their home. It was humbling and it was encouraging to have someone believe in me so much.

Now when Wendy tried to set up the next family portrait schedules conflicted, time was never in our favour, Wendy was definitely trying her hardest to make it work, and a little over a week and a half ago, before they went on her Mexican Vacation I finally had the privilege to photograph them once more!

I absolutely adore Jon and Wendy, and think of them as my immediate family!

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