Folk on the Rocks | Yellowknife Event Photography

Have you had a chance to check out our Folk on the Rocks photo galleries? We have 2 days worth of photo’s ready for purchase. Go check them out and share your photos with your friends by following the picture below to our on-line galleries!

 Folk on the Rocks, Strombella's, FOTR, Yellowknife Event Photography, Northwest Territories, 2014
Folk on the Rocks, Strombella’s, FOTR, Yellowknife Event Photography, Northwest Territories, 2014

Canada Day Photos for Purchase | Yellowknife Event Photography

Happy Belated Canada Day to everyone!

I had the immense pleasure of photographing the faces of our fine city at yesterday’s festivities. From the parade to the farmers market and live music I met new people, joined in the laughter, and introduced myself to my community.

On behalf of my business I’d like to introduce myself. My names is Stephanie Lauren Wills and I am the owner and photographer of Stephanie Lauren Photography. Originally from Chilliwack BC, I have 6+ years photography experience. I hope that in the future you remember my name and face when you plan your next family portrait, wedding, graduation pictures, or any other need you may have. Feel free to drop me a line via the CONTACT US page.

I love people, and I definitely fell further in love with you yesterday! Thank you for visiting my site, and if you would like to view the images I have for purchase simply click the image below and it will take you to the gallery of images for purchase.

 Stephanie Lauren Photography, Yellowknife Event Photography, Somba Ke Park, Downtown Yellowknife, Canada Day, 2014.
Stephanie Lauren Photography, Yellowknife Event Photography, Somba Ke Park, Downtown Yellowknife, Canada Day, 2014.

Long John Jamboree | Yellowknife Event Photography

The Long John Jamboree. From intricate ice sculptures to the Snow Kings Ice Castle you cant walk a foot without experiencing the culture and personality of Yellowknife and its residents!

For those with a sweet tooth there is the “sugar shack” where you can experience the tradition of maple sugar melted down and laid upon a bed of snow. Simply roll your popsicle stick while it is still soft and it gradually hardens into a hard candy to enjoy for hours. I may or may not have chipped my tooth on this sugar goodness.

The weekend consisted of me volunteering for Great Slave Helicopters rides. There was a flurry of families, friends, and students signing their forms and going through safety briefings and patiently waiting in warmed tents for their ride in a helicopter.

And then I went up!

Photographed below was a birds eye view of the Jamboree

The famous mine that has since been closed down looked amazing from up in the sky.

After my helicopter ride I wandered around the newly finished sculptures. Varying from a merman, a sci-fi cowboy (at least that’s what I thought it was) and a stunning winter stag, I was in awe of the sheer detail.

I knew I had to venture over to the ice castle, as it is destroyed after the festival. It was an awesome display of architecture using snow and ice.

The Snow King himself took the stage to recite a poem he had wrote, about underwear, Long John underwear to be exact.

The Ice castle is complete with its own closed in court yard, with a Snow King statue and a ice slide for both young and old.

I knew I was surrounded by Canadian nostalgia when I was walking back to the Jamboree tents, I heard children’s laughter erupt from an outdoor ice rink.