Mike & Andrea | Vancouver Wedding Photography

When Andrea contacted me about shooting her wedding I was beside myself with excitement for my Vancouver bride, we had so many ideas on where to go, and even though the initial engagement session was impromptu we made it work and I fell inlove instantly with their images. I asked Andrea what their love story was, and she was more then kind enough to give us a glimpse into the moment that changed her life for good, the engagement story!

Andrea writes: “We flew over to Palm Springs June 3rd, when we arrived in sunny Palm springs the weather was beautiful the air was crisp and breezy and the temperature was just right! It was around the second night we were watching a local jazz band at the beautiful resort, after a few glasses of red wine and watching an amazing guitar player finish his solo, Mike then asked me to walk around the koi ponds in the area and to glance at the full moon shining that night. We walked over to an uncover patio area staring at this one koi pond that had the moon shining so bright over top of water it was glistening so beautiful !  At that moment mike handed me a penny and had one in his hand and asked me to make a wish at that moment and throw the penny in the beautiful pond (which I did) ! He asked what I wished for , of course I said ‘I can’t tell you or else it will not come true’ I asked him what he wished for , and that is when he pulled the ring out and said ‘for you to be my wife forever and always !’ And the rest follows ….”

I cant wait for their September Wedding at St. Francis and Queen Elizabeth Park!

Much love to both Mike and Andrea ♥