Shawn & Denika | Yellowknife Engagement Photography

Yellowknife is a curious place, especially for a BC grown girl like myself. I’ve heard at least 80% of the year is winter, which isn’t the worst thing in the world when you love the clean crisp shade of white lying like a blanket over everything (that is until your fingers freeze even with gloves). There are roads made of Ice, Skies full of Aurora, and a community that is much more like a family then anything I have yet to experience. In fact I had made some amazing friendships through a photography page for the NWT long before I moved here. One of those photographers was a man named Lee Sacrey.

Lee’s niece was in preparation of her wedding when she went to her uncle for council for her wedding photographer. After multiple people sent their portfolio’s in I was blessed to be contacted by Denika, the excitement in her voice was akin to my own as the wedding was just around the corner for Ian and myself.

When Denika and Shawn asked me to be their wedding photographer I counted it as an honor, they are my first Bride and Groom North of 60 and I cant wait to tell their story.

Here are just some of my favorite pictures from their Engagement Session yesterday. We had to fight strong winds and harsh light, but I couldn’t be more in love with the result.

The “soon to be” Mr. and Mrs. Brennan!