Justin & Janine | Chilliwack Wedding Photography

Janine and I share something very special in common… we share the most adorable niece ever. 

More than 4 years ago now Janine’s sister became a huge part of my brother Brent’s life. And ever since… well simply put, we became family.

We waited and watched Justin and Janine’s budding relationship over the years… and when Justin finally proposed on the roof top of Janine’s parents house with fireworks set off by friends, Janine said yes. 

I was so blessed to be asked by Janine to be their wedding photographer, to share in their day and provide them with wedding pictures that will bring them back to that very moment they promised forever to one another.

Im such a gushy one, I get teary eyed simply thinking about the overwhelming love a bride and groom have for one another. This sweeping emotion that they hold in their eyes, that translates to everyone around them. Such intense all encompassing love. I can only imagine how that day will feel and being able to be there for that moment with Janine meant more to me then words can express.

I wish you both an eternity of love and laughter, and a life that has blessing in every step you take together.

The last 3 images…. my heart…. the father daughter dance had me in tears.