… it’s okay mama

Let’s be real, being a mom is hard. 

Your life is not your own, well it is, but it’s become so much more outward focus than inward. I constantly ask myself “am I being kind, patient, loving in my responses as their mama?”.

Often when I stop amidst the chaos I can hear their childhood ticking away in the background, barely audible, I feel the sense of time moving.

This feeling is what made me a photographer, how I look at the everyday with wonder. I try to look through new eyes on how I could create magic through the imagination of my children and future clients.

Whether it’s playing with your kids on the floor or saying goodbye to a season of their life graduating into adulthood. I want to photograph the in between, just as well as the big moments for you.

You deserve to be remembered throughout their lifetime in authentic candid photographs. We don’t take very many things with us through our lives, but pictures… they are passed on for generations.

As a photographer, I’m mindful of the fleeting moments I might otherwise miss, yet grateful for those I’ve captured.

Ready to preserve your own motherhood journey? Gift yourself—or the special mama in your life—a motherhood session, a timeless keepsake celebrating the beauty of this chapter.

Mike & Arielle | Remote Maternity Session

The weekend was planned, a baby shower for Arielle and her growing bump.

The day was March 12th, the day before my flight to Calgary. This was also the weekend that a great deal of Canadians cancelled their non-essential flights, this was pre-quarantine life. It was incredibly hard to make the call but we decided it was best if I didn’t fly to the baby-shower. Unfortunately that meant not only did I miss the beautiful party but I was also not able to do a maternity shoot for them.

Arielle and I decided to make the session happen remotely no matter what, with the help of her friend April who respected social distancing while I directed the expecting parents and suggested settings for the camera.

It was such a joy to help her from afar, thanks to April again for helping photograph, Mike Taekema for sending me all the RAWS for post processing, and Arielle for being such a positive mama! I can’t wait to virtually meet their baby later this month and hopefully in person later this year!

The sweetest moment…. I’m sure she’s thinking “You’ll be my baby, and i’ll be your Zoe.”

Andrew & Kayla (plus one) | Chilliwack Maternity Photography

Andrew and Kayla are longtime friends of mine, and I’m talking Kindergarten days. I was honored to shoot their wedding a few years back and even more blessed to hear they were pregnant. On Tuesday August the 27th at 6:49pm Andrew and Kayla welcomed Alivia Grace into the world at 9 lbs 6 oz. I am so excited to see her sweet little face and take her first photos (and of course newborn cuddles)

Much love and blessing to you both Andrew and Kayla!