To Tahsis and back | Personal Work

Months ago Ian had asked if i’d consider visiting him out in Alberta for the first week of October. So I started budgeting for the trip, asked for time off, and had plans set to go do some really fun things, like visting an aviation museum and going to see Drumheller. 

It was now 4 weeks before my trip, and I was uncertain if his side of the plans were all set with work. There was some uncertainty that he could get the time off so I made the decision to postpone  the trip.

Not even a day or two after the tough decision to cancel my plans I got a text from Ian.

“So my boss is giving me a week off before this 40 day job in Saskatchewan” 

I asked if he was going to take some time to go biking up the back trails or visit family in Edmonton; instead he surprised me! He asked if my boss would let me transfer my week off to that next week (only 3 days away), I was doubtful that that short of notice would be accepted. To my surprise my manager understood how much I missed my man, and how this was such a delightful surprise.

The next thing I knew, he was driving down the following day. With his Instamapper on, and my computer at work showing a little red tracker moving ever closer to Chilliwack, I was beyond elated to see him.

The weekend was a lot of prep and packing for the trip. The first moment I saw him on Friday afternoon I met him with a kiss (I missed his handsome face). Saturday we got his car worked on and headed down to ship happens to pick up a memory card I had been waiting on for more than a month. 

Saturday afternoon the weather was positively gorgeous, the sun was warm in the sky and dancing along the lines of the mountains.

I was beside myself with how cool it was that my boyfriend came down to see me, to spend time with me. I felt so valued to have the man I love go out of his way and plan an exciting fishing trip week away.

I absolutely adore the shot above ^ 


While on the Ferry Ian played on his computer, mastering the Kerbal Space Program (trying to make a spacecraft that doesn’t crash within the first minute of flight). I whipped out my Art History textbook and iPad, taking notes on the Egyptian Era. We were such a couple it wasn’t even funny, doing things apart but together. When my brain was done studying I sat beside him and we watched “The Art of Flight” a snowboarding documentary that Red Bull sponsors, a must see just for the Cinematography alone. Ian spoiled us with a piece of rich chocolate cake and strawberry sauce to compliment it.

^ Can I just say now how gorgeous the docks are in Campbell river. I had never been before and when I pointed out the window Ian immediately pulled over so I could take some pictures. Whilst I took some shots Ian put his GoPro on my monopod and filmed us walking around and enjoying the views.

^ The GoPro made a few appearances on this trip, more then once. Ian filmed the drive as well as the boating and everything in between, I REALLY cant wait to see the finished product from the trip.

^ Every once and a while Ian likes to get an unconventional shot with the GoPro, this time he submerged it in the water (dont worry its completely waterproof, but when your done you have to wash the salt water off the device).

^ The drive into Tahsis is really a stunning sight, this was before we hit Gold River, after that the road goes to gravel for awhile.

Ian prepped the GoPro’s for the drive… Like I said I cant wait to see the videos!

^ When we rounded a corner I saw a view that took my breath away…. STUNNING, we got out of the car and took pictures, and im quite certain the GoPro mounted on the windshield stole a shot of a kiss 🙂

True story… me and my man are dangerously silly. The fact that he embraces it and joins in makes me smile!

And then when I did the “Chubby” face he joined in!!!

After Mr.Handyman got the boat ready I backed up the boat into the water.

^ Before going out on the sea we had to wash and clean the exterior of the boat, scrubbing it down with dish soap, and then I hid inside while Ian washed it all off. I couldn’t wait to hit the open sea!


The second day we were there we took a trip out to just sight see, no fishing, just enjoying the beautiful coast.

^ Above is a place Ian showed me, it is a little cove (I think) and Ian pointed out it would be a great place to go camping ( the kind of camping where you dont have electricity, and you have to make your own fire with things you find in the forest).

The next day wasn’t nearly as pretty, a low fog hung over the water. That didn’t stop us… IT was a early morning, and when I came down to the dock there were at least 10 seals just bobbing their heads above the water looking at us!

^ I had grown up fishing with my Uncles and Grandpa’s but this sort of fishing was very different… including down riggers, cannon balls, and real fish bait. I like to think I caught on quickly but you’d have to ask Ian that.

^ Granted the fish was severely ugly… but it was ours, and we gutted and cooked it!

The next day the fog was  was impossibly low, and until it lifted Ian decided to take me to the shooting range. He is soo cool!

^ Once and a while you just gotta put down your big ol camera, and whip out your phone… I LOVE THAT FACE!

After finishing at the range we noticed the fog lifted enough to go out on the water… Ian drove out to Center Island and Ian tried to fix our GPS.

^ Ian got a kick out of taking a picture of me getting frustrated while trying to back up the trailer.

The drive home though was a stunning morning… SOOOOO beautiful and I was in charge of the music playlist, so it went very well with the view.

^ This guy makes me smile so much… and I cant believe how special he made me feel by organizing an entire week to just have fun as a couple. I was equally blessed when we got back to the mainland and his boss called to tell him he had an additional week off, which meant I got to spend that much more time with him… I ADORE THIS MAN!

Thank you , you’re are my best friend!

And just the cutest little treat I found in house… hee hee soooooo cute!!!