Dennis & Melissa | Chilliwack Wedding Photography

Melissa is a fabulous hairstylist at Ambience Salon (Garrison Crossing), owned by two very dear friends of mine Sue and Roland. Melissa has cut and dyed my hair a couple times and every time we’d talk about everything under the stars, including her boyfriend, Dennis.

After four years together, Dennis proposed to Melissa.

 Melissa was beside herself excited, with a gorgeous ring on her hand and a loving man by her side what she needed now was a photographer. Melissa was quick to start searching and her Facebook post had a plethora of photographers names being submitted for her consideration, but her boss (as well as another client) told her I would be perfect for her. I was so excited when she contacted me about doing her engagement session. I’m in love with all of their pictures and look forward to their wedding.

Oscar and his little Sweetie | Chilliwack Family Photography

Renee is someone I have known since she was a little girl, this Christmas she contacted me about wanting to do something special for her boyfriend Oscar. Renee wanted him to have pictures done with his daughter. It’s a small world because I knew Oscar briefly through my old manager, so it was quite fun to shoot the two on the day of.

I am a daddy’s girl myself and this session meant a lot to me for that very reason. Oscar and his little girl have a contagious smile they both share in common. The connection they have is unwavering and it is quite visible that she adores her daddy through and through.

Introducing Noah | Chilliwack Newborn Photography

Justin and Heidi welcomed their adorable little boy into world Sept 22nd. Noah is by far one of the sweetest little baby boys I have ever met with those big blue eyes and sweeping smile. Congrats again to such a sweet couple, Noah is blessed to have such loving parents.

The Dyck’s | Chilliwack Family Photography

The Dyck family called me for family photos a year ago, and a few weeks ago we declared it to be an annual tradition. After a gorgeous fall Sunday morning we met up for the 2nd annual family photo session. The sun came out, the rain held off, and after we all went out for sushi… A tradition I love. 

Michelle DeVries Coates | Chilliwack Portrait Photography

What a stunning beauty!

Michelle and I met through a model page on Facebook and met up for the first time for a very forward shoot… I like to call it my Tim Burton session.

Since then I have worked with her at Galaxy Cinema’s and she’s changed her hairstyles multiple times (but then again, so have I) … So this session is definitely different from the last. Michelle you are so much fun to shoot, stay fierce and enjoy!

Jason & Divine | Chilliwack Wedding Photography

Jason & Divine have been together for 6 years, and this Thanksgiving they announced their engagement to the entire family. I cant wait to see them promise forever to each other. Jason is the son of my late uncle Ken, much like his father he isn’t too big on romantic mushiness… but Divine gave that lovely little smile and he was all game! CONGRATS YOU TWO LOVELIES!

Nina Lilly | Chilliwack Portrait Photography

Nina Lilly is an aspiring model and photographer in town that I met through networking with local models. She enjoy’s being infront of the camera just as much as being behind the lens. Nina also has a knack for designing her own clothes, so when she wanted to do a bit of a rocker/rebel styled shoot I was more then game. Note the cool vest she made out of an old shirt that she cut up and fashioned into a skull face.

135mm f/2 LOVERLY lens | Personal Entry

I have recently become friends with a lovely person named Lindsay, who I was introduced to by Ian. She is such a fun soul; just by looking at her body of work, Lindsay’s definite love for photography shows.

About to make a big move to Nepal for a year, Lindsay was looking to sell her 135mm L-series. I jumped at the chance to be the owner of such a great lens. I love how sharp, clean, and precise the images are!

I thank you Lindsay, and so will my brides.

I had to test it out :

Today I went to Jesse Jane’s Boarding Stable to watch Ian’s mother train a stunning horse named Finesse. She is a bit of a stubborn mare, but Marilyn is an exceptional trainer with extreme patience (I think Ian gets that from her). 

To say the least this lens makes me smile, and with my two recent additions I am beside myself with the images these will produce.

50mm DREAM | Chilliwack Portrait Photography

I’ve been drooling over a 50mm for a while and today I made the big purchase. (going to geek out here) It goes all the way down to 1.4 f/stop and makes this insane bokeh to an image. And in my opinion adds a ton of romance to shot. Aside from having a shallow depth of field it has great low light capabilities, which means I can be in a situation where there is very little light and I can still get a quality pristine image.

Lets just say im super excited to shoot my next wedding!!!

Today after work me and my friend/co-worker Melissa went out to test the lens.  Quite quickly I fell in love with the lens, there really is no going back. I sense a very expensive shopping list for lenses in the future.

Welcome to the depth and romance of a Sigma 50mm 1.4.

 Im sort of in love with the left picture.... something warm and
Im sort of in love with the left picture…. something warm and “forever” about it.