50mm DREAM | Chilliwack Portrait Photography

I’ve been drooling over a 50mm for a while and today I made the big purchase. (going to geek out here) It goes all the way down to 1.4 f/stop and makes this insane bokeh to an image. And in my opinion adds a ton of romance to shot. Aside from having a shallow depth of field it has great low light capabilities, which means I can be in a situation where there is very little light and I can still get a quality pristine image.

Lets just say im super excited to shoot my next wedding!!!

Today after work me and my friend/co-worker Melissa went out to test the lens.  Quite quickly I fell in love with the lens, there really is no going back. I sense a very expensive shopping list for lenses in the future.

Welcome to the depth and romance of a Sigma 50mm 1.4.

 Im sort of in love with the left picture.... something warm and
Im sort of in love with the left picture…. something warm and “forever” about it.