Character Study


Katila is a truly unique and inspiring soul. 

In our education here at UBC we have watched each other grow and experiment with our creativity.

I wanted to manipulate her work space in the geometric  style I have come to see in her work. It was a great study in how to see through her eyes.

Character Study


The first class, the first day. That’s when I met Chantel and I found that I saw her as a kindred spirit.

Though I have stepped away from performance art I am continually in pursuit of the expressive art form.

Chantel hadn’t decorated her work space yet and I tried to imagine from our small shared conversations a place that would inspire her.

There is a small nod to clockwork orange in the swirl I imagined enveloping her.

Rain Drops on Pike Place

Each week I played with the idea of photo manipulation for my latter project, however it was something I am comfortable with, almost too easy and far to literal.

This image was a success in the technical realm, it was my first attempt at a believable rain overlay on glass.

Marmalade Memory

The empty Vessel Series started with the idea of women contained inside of a glass or bottle, in a place that identifies their pain.

However this was too literal and pointed the viewer to a conclusion that I wanted them to find on their own.

Marmalade Memory is not an empty vessel but it was a great experiment in photo manipulation and success in the believable look. 

Trapped in a Bottle

Another exercise in creating a believable photo manipulation.