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“Either you’re here because you’re engaged to the love of your life or you’re here because you just love pretty pictures! Whatever category you may fall into, you won’t be disappointed! You’re in the right place and I’m so glad you’re here!!”

After being a professional photographer for over 10 years, you would think that I would grow tired of weddings, right?! The reality is, I have seen and photographed it all and the more that I shoot, the more that I fall in love with this job! The joy, the excitement, the feminine details, the tears, the dances with daddy that make me catch my tears in my throat, and the portraits that take your breath away…. I love it all. Even after 10 years, I still can’t get over the fact that I have been trusted with preserving my clients most cherished memories!! I don’t take my job lightly.

Before every wedding day begins I put on some peaceful music and pray for the day and my couple, wedding day’s can be stressful but I see it as a moment to infuse peace and beauty into your day. When I turn the camera around for you to steal sneak peeks I watch as my brides see the beauty we have always seen in her, glowing on her wedding day.

Photographing weddings is truly one of the most rewarding parts of my life! The friendships and experiences that I’ve created with my Couples lasts far beyond the wedding day and I believe that’s how it should be! 

I am excited for you to keep scrolling to learn more about how being a SLP Bride isn’t your typical photography experience; it’s so much more!

Stephanie Lauren


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