… it’s okay mama

Let’s be real, being a mom is hard. 

Your life is not your own, well it is, but it’s become so much more outward focus than inward. I constantly ask myself “am I being kind, patient, loving in my responses as their mama?”.

Often when I stop amidst the chaos I can hear their childhood ticking away in the background, barely audible, I feel the sense of time moving.

This feeling is what made me a photographer, how I look at the everyday with wonder. I try to look through new eyes on how I could create magic through the imagination of my children and future clients.

Whether it’s playing with your kids on the floor or saying goodbye to a season of their life graduating into adulthood. I want to photograph the in between, just as well as the big moments for you.

You deserve to be remembered throughout their lifetime in authentic candid photographs. We don’t take very many things with us through our lives, but pictures… they are passed on for generations.

As a photographer, I’m mindful of the fleeting moments I might otherwise miss, yet grateful for those I’ve captured.

Ready to preserve your own motherhood journey? Gift yourself—or the special mama in your life—a motherhood session, a timeless keepsake celebrating the beauty of this chapter.

Mexican Getaway | Personal Photography

Ian and I both love photography, so when we went on our honeymoon we knew we would both be competing for our camera… we both shot these pictures, most of the landscape and sunsets were Ian’s handiwork, and on our excursions I tried to shoot Mexican lifestyle shots. So enjoy!

Forever After | Personal Photography

 January the 4th was just like any other day, the sun was shining and the air was crisp and cold. I had 4 of my best friends stay at the hotel with me the night before, so we would all be in one place for hair and make-up. Needless to say I was an early riser at the hour of 5:30 am so that I could let the hairstylist/make-up artist into our room. 

As I awoke everyone else slowly but surely followed, not to say they were as chipper about such an early rise time. We ordered breakfast, laughed about the day, and began preparation.

After we got ready a Starbucks run was in order. I was super excited about the ‘Beatles’ inspired picture that Sheila captured.

If you haven’t met them already… These are my girls, from left to right [Kristi, Melissa, Tiffany, and Carolynn] It killed me that I could only have 3 of them as bridesmaids but having Tiffany there for our sleepover and with us all day meant the world to me… she referred to herself as the ninja bridesmaid, and it always made me smile, because even though she was behind the scenes she was so much help and support to us! Tiffany this special shout out goes to you darling!

and so began the finishing touches. Flowers, dresses, and jewellery!

I received two amazing gifts on our wedding day. The first was a stunning Citizen diamond watch from Ian with a heartfelt note that touched my heart. The second gift was from my mom, a beautiful strand of heirloom pearls, with drop pearl earrings.

 My father is my first best friend. We are both insanely silly, geeky, and soft hearted. So when I thought of my wedding day, I knew I wanted my dad to have the VERY first look. January 4th is his birthday and I HAD to honour it, no matter what. A couple months prior to the wedding I had gone on Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy to find the best gift I could think of. 

Here is some context to the small cuff-links if you are not a BBC aficionado like my father and myself. The cuff-links are fashioned after the TARDIS, a blue Police Box, which is from the long time running TV show, Doctor Who. I knew he would love them, and I was right!

Meanwhile on the other side of town Ian had started his day as well. His best friends and brother were in the midst of preparation. Mike, as I had instructed him to do had Ian’s gifts ready for him.

When I bought Ian’s gift it was almost impossible for myself to keep the secret. I purchased cuff-links for him as well, his were Canon Camera Mode Dials, what you would normally see on the top of your camera. Perfect really just for the fact we are both avid photographers. I also got him a Citizen Nighthawk Watch that he had asked for.

They soon left Mike’s home and came to the hotel, it was time for Ian and I’s first look.

Our formal photos were before the ceremony at the newly built Chilliwack Senior Secondary Campus. I loved the architecture, and the multiple locations to shoot in one spot.

This is my wonderful Maid of Honor Kristi Loewen, I have known her since I was born and lived with her for half a year.

This is my second bridesmaid Mellissa Tanner, fun fact I was a bridesmaid in her wedding.

This is my third bridesmaid, Carolynn Porter (soon to be Mrs. Adams), we knew eachother since we were toddlers, and I am beyond excited to shoot her wedding in April.

and last but certainly not least, my ninja bridesmaid Tiffany Gillette, my long time best friend. We’ve shared so many experiences in life, including Ireland. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend, she makes me laugh, and knows just what to say.

and then my dad stole the show with the ladies…

This is Ian’s Best Man, Mike Taekema. Long time friend, and Ian was actually his best man as well.

This is Ian’s groomsman and brother, Gord Wills.

This is Ian’s 3rd groomsman and friend, Adam Dunn. Friends since childhood, and particular fondness of everything I.T.

This is Ian’s father David, and his mother Marilyn.

Ian and I are avid readers, granted we have very different taste, but we had to have a Library incorporated somewhere into our wedding photos.

And then the biggest moment arrived… the moment I would marry my best friend and soul mate.

I put three lockets on my bouquet. For three men who were fathers in my life. Ken Johnson, my Grandpa Lambert, and Scott Turnbull; all taken far too soon from this world.

and then he saw me…

And so, now married and ready to celebrate with family, we headed back to the Coast Hotel.

Not to sure what Ian had said to make us all erupt in laughter, but we did. And below is Ian’s cousin Aaron, she was our emcee for the reception and she did an amazing job!

My grandpa Nelson prayed for dinner as well.

If anyone doesnt know what our first dance song was… it was “married life” the instrumental from the Disney movie “UP”. If you’d like a reminder, play this audio clip below while looking at our first dance photo.

When I was trying to plan the Father Daughter Dance, I quickly decided that it wasn’t really my job to pick our song. So I asked my dad, please pick our song and keep it a secret till the wedding day. I had listened to this exact song on repeat in my car leading up to the weddings so when It started to play it really touched my heart. Thank you for dancing with me daddy.

We had a bouquet/garter toss and all the singles came up. My favourite part was when Ian strutted around me and threw off his vest. He made the whole room laugh.

Above all I want to thank our wonderful photographers. A mother and daughter team who captured our day perfectly. Check them out below.

Sheila Armstrong Photography   and   Lemon & Lavender Photography

Playing with Portraiture | Personal Photography

When you’re married to a fellow photographer, your idea of down time is watching photography tutorials. Just the other day we sat down and watched a video about a lighting technique using the “inverse square law”. After the video was over, we were inspired to test out our new knowledge. I chose to light Ian from the left and proceeded to place a slave 480EXii flash behind him, directed at the wall, essentially creating a great grey gradient on what normally is a stark white wall. 

Ian chose to place me far from the white background with one key light overhead, and a rim light to my left, because he chose to move me away from the wall and expose for my face, it in turn made the white wall appear more like a dark grey/brown. I’m very proud of the result we both came out with. Now to find a model to test this out further.

Great White North | Personal Blog

Cant believe im going to say this… but I’m feeling a little homesick for the snow and -30 degree weather.

I got to spend the week with my best friend and boyfriend (of almost a year) helping him move. I flew up to Edmonton, we packed up his whole life, and made the cold trek to YELLOWKNIFE.

The journey was packed full of “fun” little things like having the fuel gel in the tank, Turkey Pepperoni Sticks, and a bridge opening. Granted the turkey sticks hold no significant value to the story, they were just surprisingly delicious.

Early in the week I met the Taiga crew for the first time, they are some of the nicest people I have met, they were Ian’s family for a lot of this year. I was very grateful to the owner of Taiga Helicopters for letting me take some shots at the hanger.

We also spent some time with Ian’s family, and I was very grateful for that. When we finally arrived in Yellowknife I got to spend some much anticipated time with Mike and Arielle, and Adam (Ian’s closest and best friends) Quickly we got Ian settled in and spent some great quality time as a group.

I couldn’t have asked for such a great bonding time with my man, and I was beyond blessed to spend time with those he cares most about.

I really want to take a moment to let Ian know that I value every word he has spoke into my life these last 11 months, I appreciate his soft and genuine heart, and that he invests his whole heart into seeing me succeed in every avenue I apply myself in. Ian you are such a talented photographer, business man, and pilot and I honor the hard choices you have had to make in your career; I look forward to where it takes you in the next few years. I love you.

Thanks for the trip babe!

 This shot was thanks to Ian's new 70-300mm lens, so grateful that he let me use it for a mid flight shot!
This shot was thanks to Ian’s new 70-300mm lens, so grateful that he let me use it for a mid flight shot!

^ The picture above was taken by me but it should be noted that I only got this shot because I was testing out Ian”s 70-300mm Canon L lens

The moon below was also taken with the same lens but this is entirely his image, composed and shot by him. He is very much a technical photographer and I love his work, there will be other shots in this album that are his as well and I will point them out!

 I was in the car trying to warm up when Ian captured this
I was in the car trying to warm up when Ian captured this

 The sun dog was visible in the sky when we stopped at Enterprise, we also added additive to warm up the tank
The sun dog was visible in the sky when we stopped at Enterprise, we also added additive to warm up the tank

 Ian took this shot, a great representation in my opinion of the community that we make when strangers come together.
Ian took this shot, a great representation in my opinion of the community that we make when strangers come together.

 I took this shot of Ian because to me it said so much about who he is, he is a very thoughtful hard working man that puts 110% into everything he does, and once in a while I see this side of him... I see the moments where he just takes a breath and lets himself rest... I may not know what he is thinking in this shot, but it means a lot to me!
I took this shot of Ian because to me it said so much about who he is, he is a very thoughtful hard working man that puts 110% into everything he does, and once in a while I see this side of him… I see the moments where he just takes a breath and lets himself rest… I may not know what he is thinking in this shot, but it means a lot to me!

To Tahsis and back | Personal Work

Months ago Ian had asked if i’d consider visiting him out in Alberta for the first week of October. So I started budgeting for the trip, asked for time off, and had plans set to go do some really fun things, like visting an aviation museum and going to see Drumheller. 

It was now 4 weeks before my trip, and I was uncertain if his side of the plans were all set with work. There was some uncertainty that he could get the time off so I made the decision to postpone  the trip.

Not even a day or two after the tough decision to cancel my plans I got a text from Ian.

“So my boss is giving me a week off before this 40 day job in Saskatchewan” 

I asked if he was going to take some time to go biking up the back trails or visit family in Edmonton; instead he surprised me! He asked if my boss would let me transfer my week off to that next week (only 3 days away), I was doubtful that that short of notice would be accepted. To my surprise my manager understood how much I missed my man, and how this was such a delightful surprise.

The next thing I knew, he was driving down the following day. With his Instamapper on, and my computer at work showing a little red tracker moving ever closer to Chilliwack, I was beyond elated to see him.

The weekend was a lot of prep and packing for the trip. The first moment I saw him on Friday afternoon I met him with a kiss (I missed his handsome face). Saturday we got his car worked on and headed down to ship happens to pick up a memory card I had been waiting on for more than a month. 

Saturday afternoon the weather was positively gorgeous, the sun was warm in the sky and dancing along the lines of the mountains.

I was beside myself with how cool it was that my boyfriend came down to see me, to spend time with me. I felt so valued to have the man I love go out of his way and plan an exciting fishing trip week away.

I absolutely adore the shot above ^ 


While on the Ferry Ian played on his computer, mastering the Kerbal Space Program (trying to make a spacecraft that doesn’t crash within the first minute of flight). I whipped out my Art History textbook and iPad, taking notes on the Egyptian Era. We were such a couple it wasn’t even funny, doing things apart but together. When my brain was done studying I sat beside him and we watched “The Art of Flight” a snowboarding documentary that Red Bull sponsors, a must see just for the Cinematography alone. Ian spoiled us with a piece of rich chocolate cake and strawberry sauce to compliment it.

^ Can I just say now how gorgeous the docks are in Campbell river. I had never been before and when I pointed out the window Ian immediately pulled over so I could take some pictures. Whilst I took some shots Ian put his GoPro on my monopod and filmed us walking around and enjoying the views.

^ The GoPro made a few appearances on this trip, more then once. Ian filmed the drive as well as the boating and everything in between, I REALLY cant wait to see the finished product from the trip.

^ Every once and a while Ian likes to get an unconventional shot with the GoPro, this time he submerged it in the water (dont worry its completely waterproof, but when your done you have to wash the salt water off the device).

^ The drive into Tahsis is really a stunning sight, this was before we hit Gold River, after that the road goes to gravel for awhile.

Ian prepped the GoPro’s for the drive… Like I said I cant wait to see the videos!

^ When we rounded a corner I saw a view that took my breath away…. STUNNING, we got out of the car and took pictures, and im quite certain the GoPro mounted on the windshield stole a shot of a kiss 🙂

True story… me and my man are dangerously silly. The fact that he embraces it and joins in makes me smile!

And then when I did the “Chubby” face he joined in!!!

After Mr.Handyman got the boat ready I backed up the boat into the water.

^ Before going out on the sea we had to wash and clean the exterior of the boat, scrubbing it down with dish soap, and then I hid inside while Ian washed it all off. I couldn’t wait to hit the open sea!


The second day we were there we took a trip out to just sight see, no fishing, just enjoying the beautiful coast.

^ Above is a place Ian showed me, it is a little cove (I think) and Ian pointed out it would be a great place to go camping ( the kind of camping where you dont have electricity, and you have to make your own fire with things you find in the forest).

The next day wasn’t nearly as pretty, a low fog hung over the water. That didn’t stop us… IT was a early morning, and when I came down to the dock there were at least 10 seals just bobbing their heads above the water looking at us!

^ I had grown up fishing with my Uncles and Grandpa’s but this sort of fishing was very different… including down riggers, cannon balls, and real fish bait. I like to think I caught on quickly but you’d have to ask Ian that.

^ Granted the fish was severely ugly… but it was ours, and we gutted and cooked it!

The next day the fog was  was impossibly low, and until it lifted Ian decided to take me to the shooting range. He is soo cool!

^ Once and a while you just gotta put down your big ol camera, and whip out your phone… I LOVE THAT FACE!

After finishing at the range we noticed the fog lifted enough to go out on the water… Ian drove out to Center Island and Ian tried to fix our GPS.

^ Ian got a kick out of taking a picture of me getting frustrated while trying to back up the trailer.

The drive home though was a stunning morning… SOOOOO beautiful and I was in charge of the music playlist, so it went very well with the view.

^ This guy makes me smile so much… and I cant believe how special he made me feel by organizing an entire week to just have fun as a couple. I was equally blessed when we got back to the mainland and his boss called to tell him he had an additional week off, which meant I got to spend that much more time with him… I ADORE THIS MAN!

Thank you , you’re are my best friend!

And just the cutest little treat I found in house… hee hee soooooo cute!!!