135mm f/2 LOVERLY lens | Personal Entry

I have recently become friends with a lovely person named Lindsay, who I was introduced to by Ian. She is such a fun soul; just by looking at her body of work, Lindsay’s definite love for photography shows.

About to make a big move to Nepal for a year, Lindsay was looking to sell her 135mm L-series. I jumped at the chance to be the owner of such a great lens. I love how sharp, clean, and precise the images are!

I thank you Lindsay, and so will my brides.

I had to test it out :

Today I went to Jesse Jane’s Boarding Stable to watch Ian’s mother train a stunning horse named Finesse. She is a bit of a stubborn mare, but Marilyn is an exceptional trainer with extreme patience (I think Ian gets that from her). 

To say the least this lens makes me smile, and with my two recent additions I am beside myself with the images these will produce.