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I'm Stephanie!

14+ years as a professional photographer

BFA in Visual Arts

Loves Sushi, my daughter, and Ian!

I'm Ian!

10+ years as a Aviation and Landscape Photography

Helicopter Pilot & Manager

Loves Oculus Rift, DJI Drone Videography, my daughter, and Stephanie!

Hi I’m Stephanie!

I have been photographing weddings, engagements, and portraits now for more than fourteen years! I can hardly believe that looking back, when did it all start, wasn’t I always looking for visuals to tell my story and then stories of others?!

My early days consisted of stealing my parents digital camera back in the late 90’s, those hopeless 3 megapixel things, I even dabbled in photojournalism for my school yearbook class, and was often called upon to document school events and plays. I was introduced to telling a story early on.

In 2008, I bought my first digital camera after being inspired by the mother I was an Aupair for in Ireland, under her charge I dove head-first into the world of photography, shooting my first few weddings and family sessions within weeks and months of picking up that camera.

My passion is for everything that encompasses life, laughter and love; I adore exceptional stories, and I approach every photo-session as a cinematic story to be told, authentically you.   

My photographic style could be considered a combination of editorial and contemporary portraiture with skills in strobe lighting and cinematic effect, I love to capture candid moments and posed formal images equally!

Who YOU are is the most important part of my work; your individuality, attention to detail, and unscripted life moments are what I strive to capture.

In 2014 Ian joined me, not only in business, but as a lifelong partner, soul-mate and in marriage.  

We first connected over a mutual love of photography, quirky science fiction shows, and really bad puns.  Our friendship quickly blossomed into love, and after two years of a challenging long-distance relationship, we were finally able to exchange our vows January 2014. 

While these days Ian and I shoot on digital, the same techniques and attention to detail apply when composing your images and processing them with image correction software.  We exclusively work with professional-grade equipment to deliver exceptional images for your lifelong enjoyment.

In the spring of 2020 Ian and I moved back to Chilliwack British Columbia after years spent across the province and a creative time spent in the NWT, we focus on families, couples, and babies, and weddings. 

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