I have waited & prayed for this child.

In an effort to be more transparent, I have grieved quietly for years waiting for this season to start. Every pregnancy announcement felt like a sting quietly whispering in my ear, “no, not you”. 

I could go on about the pain that comes in waiting for the desire of your heart to arrive, but I will choose to think on and celebrate this season. My body has changed, from the gym junkie I was in 2019 to the curvy mama in waiting I am today and I love her just the same and celebrate the body  I have to help me create new life.

I feel my little girl wiggle and kick frequently now, reminding me that in less then a month she will be staring up at me, watching me for the rest of her life.

Who will she become? What will I show her when it comes to confidence and self-love? What kind of mother will I be?

As I walk into this next season I count my blessings, I thank everyone who has given us gifts to make our nursery a safe and beautiful oasis for baby girl to grow up in. For all the clothes, toys, and furniture I am forever grateful.

I also want to thank three amazing people that helped me create some maternity magic before baby girl gets here.

My husband, his photographic eye shows me as he sees me, with love and beauty. 

Rene Klassen, my bestfriend and hairstylist/makeup artist who made me feel like a bombshell. She took several photos during this shoot and I am so thankful for her.

Lastly, Bernadette Maguire. When I told her I wanted to do a maternity session she made two gorgeous flower crowns for me to feel like a maternal goddess.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!